Presidents' Newsletter

September 7, 2018

Hi All,
Hope all is well with you and your Associations. As the season winds down I just wanted to keep your informed as to what we have been following since our last meeting.
Our Vice President Mary Jane Monahan and I attended the hearing at Town Hall regarding Zoning change issues and the proposals made. There will be new maps going up on the town web site in the near future. There are slight changes being made and one that is still a bit concerning is the enlarging of the Marina district along Rt 1 we'll be keeping close eye on that. Also a Proposed Resort district based on the area of Waters Edge. Our questions are and will be: What type of expansion and building is allowed if any at all.
I had a meeting and a walking tour around some of our beach neighborhoods with Sonia Marino. Sonia is Westbrook's new Director of Health. Together we looked at some of our beaches and their drainage issues. She found it very enlightening. We discussed beach testing and the procedures followed. I will be on the test results list and will forward info to you as needed. An independent company Eastern Analytics actually performs the tests weekly during the season. They are performed at the designated swimming area at the Town Beach as well as farther west by the main channel. Other areas will be checked if it found necessary. Our waters have not been closed down for over 3 years. If a bad test result comes back I will be notified immediatly and pass it along to you. I requested the results be posted on the Health Dept's. web site.
The Town apparently passed a new illicit drainage ordinance back in April. A few weeks ago I passed on several links to follow these changes. please follow up on reviewing them.
At last nights Economic Round Table meeting several speakers spoke on improving the education programs for our local students and the need to better prepare them for higher education and transition into the work market.
Also Joe Commerford from the 9 Town Transit gave an overview of the new bus routes and how it will benefit our local users both to and from work along with shopping and other destinations. New routes to Middletown and New Haven connection discussed as well. These will be effective January 1st 2019.
New Harbormaster still has not been officially named.
October 1st at 7:00 PM will be our Candidates forum. It will be held in the Multi purpose room at Town Hall. Seven candidates have all confirmed they will attend. They are as follows:

Democratic                                                       Republican                                                                 Green Party
Jason Adler House Rep. 35th                          Jesse MacLachlan House Rep.35th                   Madeleine Leveille House Rep. 35th
Matt Pugliese House Rep. 23rd                       Devin Carney House Rep. 23rd
Norman Needleman State Senate 33rd            Melissa Ziobron State Senate 33rd

Mr. Andy Shatz will serve as the moderator. Mr Tony Fastaia will serve as the time keeper. This program is open to all. It will air live on our Valley Shore cable channel. 
Mr. Bill Fish will put together the questions to asked of the Candidates.
If you have any suggestions for Bill as to what you would liked asked please contact him at this email:  as soon as possible.
Secretary Paul Ireland will have minutes ready from last meeting. I will get those out to you soon.
See you Oct.1st

Pat Marcarelli
Westbrook Council of Beaches