Presidents' Newsletter

January 15th 2019

Happy New Year!

I certainly hope that this note finds all well.  As we kick off the New Year our Council is already hard at work preparing for the coming season. All of our committees have either met or are in the planning stages to set their agendas. 

Tony Cozza reports the Alleviating Hunger Committee will have an upcoming meeting to see where they can be most helpful to our Community.

The same goes for the Roundtable Committee as they also have been in discussion as to how to best achieve their goals in improving our community.

As budget season is upon us we are vigorously working to have the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Board approve capital funding to some much needed projects. Among them is the repair of the Jetty system along our beaches. They have been neglected for some time now and any further neglect could be catastrophic for our neighborhoods.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of life here in Westbrook and will continue to do so with your support.

Until next time. Stay healthy and safe.

Pat Marcarelli

President Westbrook Council of Beaches