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2021 Meeting NOTICES

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​Plan of Conservation & Develoment (POCD) Committee - Westbrook   

Click here to review the Revised Draft of the 2021-2031 Plan of Conservation and Development.   

​An update of the plan is required every ten years.


​​Westbrook Economic Action Initiative (WEAI)  ​

​​Andy Schatz, Jim Crawford and Tony Cozza have been working very hard with this group in order to help our young, local residents to achieve their goals in both bettering themselves and preparing them to move forward in life and hopefully continue to serve our community.  Leslie Carson our Career/College Readiness Coordinator at Westbrook High School is also on the Board. Click hereto learn more about WEAI.


​​Literacy Volunteers

Literacy Volunteers is looking for additional Tutors.  They are an organization staffed mostly by volunteers, located in the Westbrook Library that teaches English to those in the area who are not conversant in English.  For additional information please contact.  Joanne Argersinger at 860-399-0280 or jarsinger@lvvs.org. Learn more by clicking here.



Harbor Master News:

Harbor Management Happenings from John Rie, Chairman Commission Management: Click here.

Mooring Permits are $20 
The Harbor Commission will be reviewing the rule regarding Moorings and will have updated information available soon. We will continue to follow up as well.​​Click here for more information.


Hurricane Preparedness -  A Message from Westbrook Emergency Management.  Click here.

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Animal Control Officer:  Harry Plaut

203-780-1311.  Clickhere for more information.

From the Town:  Regarding Public (not private) Beaches:  Ordinances - Dogs and Other Pet Animals

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Town Review of Westbrook Zoning Regulations

Westbrook is reviewing Zoning Regulations.  For more details, click here.

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Planning Commission 

Westbrook Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Meeting September 16, 2019--7pm

Multi Media Room, Town Hall

This is the final Public Hearing for 

FEMA compliance before all findings are sent to the State of Ct.

This will deal in Emergency Planning, Floods and Flood insurance.

Please contact Eric Knapp Zoning Official at Town Hall.

Click here to view Public Meeting No 1 07-29-2019

Click hereto view Public Meeting No 2 09-29-2019 


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meeting Dates For 2021
May   3rd    7pm  ZOOM MTG 
June   7th    7pm

July  12th    7pm 
Aug   9th    7pm 

Sept 13th    7 pm 

All meetings are at 7pm in the

Teresa Mulvey Municipal Building 866 Boston Post Road
Westbrook, CT 06498

*See Archives for Agendas and Minutes of Meetings


Candidates' Forum 2021:

October 4th 

Board of Selectmen Candidates

Multi Purpose Room

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​Candidates' Forum Oct 7, 2019 -
To view video clickhere.

Candidates' Forum Oct 1, 2018 - 
To view video click here.

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President- Pat Marcarelli
Vice President - Mary Jane Monahan
Treasurer - Steve Smith
Secretary - Pauline Peterson


Spring is Here 





Town of Westbrook Budget Vote

Thurs. May 13th 12-8pm Town Hall

The Council of Beaches Supports this year's budget as presented and encourages a YES vote on both questions on the Ballot.

Good hard work by all to make this a No Tax Increase budget and keeping our Town Finances very strong. ​No service reductions and Infrastructure improvements back on track.


​​  National Hurricane Preparedness               Week - May 9th -15th 

Westbrook Emergency Management is encouraging all Westbrook residents to take appropriate steps with their preparedness and actions if necessary when a Tropical Storm/Hurricane is forecast to affect the town. Please consider sharing this information with those not on social media, family and friends. 

A tropical storm/hurricane can affect Westbrook and our region, anytime from June through November. Our region is most prone from August through November and we have had 'close encounters' in July. Appropriate planning, not at the last minute is your key to dealing with power outages, tree/structural damage and other issues. 

We recommend you plan for power outages of 5-7 days based on past storms.

For more information go to:
1. National Weather Service/Hurricane Preparedness Website - www.weather.gov/wrn/hurricane-preparedness

2. The Westbrook Emergency Management website has complete information for you, including local information. Click on the tabs on the left side of the website to review important topics.  

The Westbrook Emergency Management Facebook and Twitter accounts are regularly posted with weather and other important safety topics for Westbrook residents and visitors.

3. Are you registered with CT ALERT?

CT ALERT is Westbrook's 24/7 Mass Notification System to notify residents of any, life threatening emergency within the town. Register your cell phone (voice and or text). The system is safe, secure and confidential. For more information go to https://portal.ct.gov/ctalert

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We are grateful to all of our donors for your generous contributions in support of our community Fundraising Campaigns. This past year we were able to contribute over $5,000 in assistance to various Organizations and Depts. here in the Town of Westbrook including our Senior Center, Visiting Nurses, Youth and Family Services, Social Services and St. Marks Food Pantry. 

The Council of Beaches Association is constantly trying to support those in need. If you would like to help or contribute, please use the contact bar and we will certainly point you in the right direction. 

Thanks Again.


The Alleviating Hunger Committee

In August 2016, the Westbrook Council of Beaches established the Alleviating Hunger Committee to provide food to those in need and educate our community on hunger and poverty.  Some of the initiatives include:  

  • Food collection for local food pantries click here  Please join us on Tuesday between 1:30 and 2:30pm, at St. Mark's Church for grocery distribution.

Options for contributing food:

Bring food donations to St. Mark's between 9 am and 12 noon on any Monday. 
Bring food to COB meetings, and we will bring your donation to one of the food pantries. 
Get in touch with the Alleviating Hunger Committee and we will arrange to pick up your food donation. 

     -Consider helping out at the Valley Shore YMCA Vegetable Garden.  One way you could help is letting them know if you have any cardboard that they could use to lay the wood chips on top of. If you do, please email Jon Capozzoli at jcapozzoli@vsymca.org.  He is the new contact for all things to do with the garden.  The Community Garden will open this year.  It is vital to the Westbrook Food Pantry that they are able to grow fresh local produce for those in need.  We hope 
that even through the current situation you are all on board to join them for this growing season! ​(5-28-2020)

     -COB has seven volunteers supporting the Friday Night meals at 6pm at the Westbrook Congregational Church.

     -COB members can make monetary or gift card donations to support Westbrook families in need.  If you would like to contribute, please contact Elizabeth Carpenter, Westbrook Social Services Coordinator at ecarpenter@westbrookct.us.  Her office is in Town Hall, next to the First Selectman’s Office. Her phone number is 860-399-3090.

The Committee is always looking for volunteers.  If you have an interest or would like further information, please contact us at  ajcbeachboy@comcast.net    Our members are Mary Polchaninoff, Barbara Alessio, Kit Bishop,Tony Cozza, Andy Schatz and Jim Crawford.  All have been great resources for us. Our student members are Juliana Frabreizi, Gavin Lebrec, Jackie Grace and Seth Caslin.