About WCOB

The 17 Beach Associations in Westbrook CT

*The Westbrook Council of Beaches, Inc. was formally organized on June 28th, 1972, as a 503(c)(4) corporation, and operates pursuant to its ​bylaws.

The Council consists of one delegate from each of 17 ​associations and officers are elected by the council.  

Click here for current Bylaws  


  • Cedercrest Tax District *
  • District of Chapman Beach *
  • Coral Sands Beach Association
  • Grove Beach Improvement Association
  • Grove Beach Point Association *
  • Grove Beach Terrace Association *
  • Island View Beach Association *
  • Little Stannard Beach Association
  • Middle Beach Association
  • Old Kelsey Point Hill and Beach Association
  • Old Kelsey Point Association
  • Old Salt Works Road Beach Association
  • Pilots Point Association *
  • Pointina Beach Association
  • Sagamore Terrace Beach Association
  • Stannard Beach Association*
  • West Beach Association

 * State Chartered Tax Districts

Regular meetings take place on the first Monday of each month from May through October, and are open to the public.  See home page for updated schedule information. 

​The Council’s mission is to listen to our members needs, to work with each beach association and its members. to cooperate with the Town of Westbrook,  to cooperate with other organizations, and to advocate on our behalf. To accomplish this we watch local issues very closely.

Each year the council awards a scholarship to a graduating Westbrook High School senior

  • 2010 - Michael Taylor
  • 2011 - Brittany V. Wigglesworth
  • 2012 - Emily Krane
  • ​2013 - Julianne Panico​​
  • ​2014 - Stacey Wnek
  • ​2015 - Lili Dickey
  • ​2016 - Jonathan Pohorylo
  • 2017 - Natalia Martins